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7.3 Creating simple sections

langan June 20, 2013
With Smartbox you can create multiple Simple sections inside your page to make them stand out. These sections comes in 3 styles:

  1. White : a fullscreen section with no background
  2. Gray : a fullscreen section with gray background
  3. Dark : a fullscreen section with dark gray background

7.2 Page headers

langan June 20, 2013
Smartbox allows users to set unique headers on every page. The page headers can be set in one of the following options

  1. Nothing : The default option will create no header for your page
  2. Slideshow : A slideshow will be used for the header of the page
  3. Super hero : Use this option to create an impresive image type header
  4. Map : This option will allow you to have a map in your page header

6.2 Creating Testimonial section

langan June 20, 2013
Watch the video to see how you can use add a Testimonials Section to your page.


Make sure that the user images are square.

3.4 Edit portfolio items

langan June 20, 2013
Smartbox supports three types of portfolio items standard image items, gallery items and video items.
Watch the video to see how you can add and edit Portfolio items.