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3.2 Adding portfolio items

langan June 20, 2013 Portfolios
To add a new Portfolio items in a Portfolio follow these steps

  1. Click on Portfolio items > Add new
  2. Type the Portfolio title
  3. Type the Portfolio description
  4. Select if you want the portfolio to open in a light box on the portfolio list page
  5. Select a background image to appear as background in the header of the single portfolio page
  6. Select the portfolio type ( standard – image only, Gallery – slideshow instead of an image, Video – vimeo or youtube video, Link – a link to an external site)
  7. Select the categories that you want your portfolio to belong to
  8. Select skills to be associated with the portfolio item
  9. Give an order of appearance among the other portfolio items
  10. Publish the portfolio item


On a Video item just paste the url of the video (, or ) on the first line of portfolio content inside an [embed] tag.